10. Growth

1. Economic Development

185: Malthus This video questions Malthus’ motive to kill population for food.
186: A. Lewis This video proves that industrialisation is not the panacea to development.
187: G. Clark This video proves that high wage rate does not mean high productivity.

2. Fertility

002: A Perfect Production Function This video reproduces Solow’s perfect production function.
189: Fertility II This video disproves Becker’s fertility theory.
188: Fertility I This video reveals how Becker and Barro have scared themselves.

3. Classical

165: Ramsey I This video reveals the embarrassing role of saving in growth theory.
167: Ramsey III This video reveals how Ramsey tried to solve the puzzle of growth, unsuccessfully.
168: Ramsey IV This video proves that Ramsey’s growth theory has zero saving.
169: Ramsey V This video reveals Ramsey’s bliss can be a blight.
170: Ramsey VI This video shows that Ramsey’s interest rate can be very erratic.
171: Ramsey vs Fisher This video shows how Fisher’s theory of interest corrects Ramsey’s error.
175: Koopmans I This video shows that Koopmans’ growth theory starves out people and machines.
176: Koopmans II This video reveals that Koopmans’ Bliss is Infeasible, and saving even destroys his bliss.
177: Cass I This video proves that pursuing maximum growth of output is wrong.
178: Cass II This video proves that Cass’s growth model is empty.
179: Cass III This video shows how optimal capital can be determined.

4. Neoclassical

172: Solow I This video proves that Solow’s growth theory always implies zero growth.
173: Solow II This video shows that Solow’s growth theory is anti-growth.
174: Solow III This video shows how Solow has destroyed his own growth theory.

5. Endogenous

183: Endogenous Growth This video proves that endogenous growth means bankruptcy.
206: Indeterminate or Destitute This video proves that indeterminate means destitute.

6. Growth Math

180: Growth Math I This video proves that calculus of variation is ravaging economics.
181: Growth Math II This video proves that growth economists have misunderstood Pontryagin.
182: Growth Math III This video shows how asset price should be determined.
205: Phase Diagram This video proves that endogenous growth and phase diagram are inconsistent.
003: Marginal Product is not Demand, 草包一族合輯 This video proves that marginal product or utility is not demand, and that marginal cost is not supply.
210: Jorgenson’s Investment This video shows the tautology between capital and investment by Jorgenson.
184: Capital Gain This video disproves capital gain.
207: Growth Rate This video proves that maximum growth rate means zero output.

7. Econometrics & Forecasting

043: DSGE I This video explains what DSGE are.
044: DSGE II This video reveals how Smets & Wouters tried to explain the present from the future.
042: Real Business Cycle This video shows the trick by Kydland-Prescott to make business cycle look real.
045: HP filter This video shows how Hodrick and Prescott have switched the bag to perform a magical trick.

8. Saving

190: Fisher’s Saving I This video disproves Fisher’s Saving theory.
191: Fisher’s Saving II This video further disproves Fisher’s Saving theory.
192: Brumberg’s Saving This video proves that Brumberg’s Saving may be zero.
193: Friedman’s Saving This video proves that Friedman’s Permanent income hypothesis implies zero saving.
194: Keynes’ Saving This video disproves Keynes’ paradox of thrift.

9. GDP

198: GDP I This video proves that some economists have confused cost for income.
199: GDP II This video proves that spending is not necessarily income.
200: GDP III This video shows that transaction is not income.
202: GDP V This video proves that GDP consists of both spending and income.
204: GDP VII This video proves that GDP exaggerates depreciation and spending.

10. OLG

195: Samuelson’s Saving This video disproves the over-lapping generation theory of saving.
196: Samuelson’s Population This video proves that Samuelson’s population theory leads to population explosion.
197: Samuelson’s Ponzi Scheme This video proves that Samuelson’s retirement theory is a Ponzi scheme.
208: Contradictory Saving This video proves that Diamond’s growth theory is contradictory.
209: Diamond’s Growth This video disproves Diamond’s growth theory.