11. G. Equilibrium

1. Childish GE

041: Walras’ Puzzle II This video disproves the naïve Walras’ law.
040: Walras’ Puzzle This video shows how Walras could not derive from a negative demand curve a positive supply curve.
314: Offer Curve III This video produces an offer curve for John.
315: Offer Curve IV This video produces the relative price solution.

2. Invalid Dichotomy

305: Oscar Lange This video illustrates Oscar Lange’s Invalid Dichotomy.
306: Patinkin This video illustrates Patinkin’s Invalid Dichotomy.
307: Mishan This video illustrates Mishan’s Invalid Dichotomy.
322: Choi’s ID This video illustrates my version of the Invalid Dichotomy problem.

3. Invalid Solution

308: Numeraire This video reinstates Oscar Lange’s invalid theorem.
309: Peanut This video illustrates Lerner’s Peanut theory.
310: Peanut II This video illustrates another version of Lerner’s Peanut theory.
311: Peanut III This video illustrates the third version of Lerner’s Peanut theory.
312: Real Balance This video disproves Patinkin’s real balance theory.
313: Cassel This video shows Cassel’s Invalid solution.

4. Valid Dichotomy

317: Absolute Prices This video calculates the absolute prices.
248: Depreciation I This video revitalises prices from their relative ratio.
316: Peanut I & II This video disproves two peanut theories.
318: Peanut III This video disproves the third peanut theory and produces general equilibrium.
320: Patinkin II This video resolves Patinkin’s puzzle.
321: Mishan II This video corrects Mishan’s theory of money and inflation.

5. No Money Market

319: Oscar Lange II This video confirms Oscar Lange’s suspicion that there is no money market.
004: Central Bank Not A Bank This video disproves central bank as commercial bank
215: Keynes’ Uncertainty This video turns Keynes’ uncertainty into certainty.
216: Keynes’ Hoarding This video disproves Keynes investment strategy.
217: Keynes’ OMC This video disproves Keynes open market operation theory.
218: Hicks’ IS-LM Denial This video reveals how Hicks overturned his own IS-LM theory.
219: Detrimental Monetary Policy This video disproves Keynes monetary policy theory.
220: Money & Famine This video shows how monetary expansion creates famine.
021: Forex Market III This video proves that depreciation is the result of excess printing.

6. Abuse of GE

043: DSGE I This video explains what DSGE are.
042: Real Business Cycle This video shows the trick by Kydland-Prescott to make business cycle look real.
002: A Perfect Production Function This video reproduces Solow’s perfect production function.

7. Conclusion

253: ADAS This video refutes the ADAS model.