13. Big

1. Consumption-ism

211: Keynes’ Consumption This video disproves Keynes consumption theory.
213: Friedman’s Consumption This video proves that Friedman’s consumption line is Engel Curve.
212: Fisher’s Consumption This video converts Fisher’s consumption curve into a line.
214: Plant Pulling This video proves that Keynes consumption kills the growing plant.
194: Keynes’ Saving This video disproves Keynes’ paradox of thrift.
224: Ricardian Equivalence II This video reveals the greediness of most governments.

2. Taxing Robing

221: Optimal Taxation This video refutes Ramsey’s optimal taxation theory.
141: Stupid Tax Theory This video shows that Pigou’s tax theory is extremely stupid.
237: Harberger Tax This video disproves Harberger’s Tax theory.
238: Harberger Tax II This video further disproves Harberger’s Tax theory.
279: Natural vs. Money i This video disproves Wicksell’s theory of interest
295: Optimal Taxation II This video rejects Mirrlees’ optimal taxation theory.
156: Social Cost II This video proves that Coase is blackmailing the victim.
157: Social Cost III This video proves that Coase is blackmailing randomly.
158: Tax Incidence This video proves that Coase’ theorem is bullying and fundamentally wrong.
264: Tax Incidence II This video proves that optimal tariff may be very disappointing.

3. Money Stealing

223: Ricardian Equivalence I This video refutes Ricardian Equivalence.
225: Ricardian Equivalence III This video disproves Barro’s equivalence.
234: Seigniorage IV This video proves that printing money is more detrimental than taxation.
231: Seigniorage I This video disproves the Seigniorage theory by Aizenman.
233: Seigniorage III This video proves that optimal printing of money has no limit.
232: Seigniorage II This video proves that seigniorage always leads to inflation.
235: Singular Indifference Curve II This video defines macro singular indifference curve.
236: Optimal Inflation II This video disproves Aizenman’s optimal inflation theory.
229: Inflating Inflation I This video disproves the Sargent-Wallace Inflation Theory.
222: Optimal Inflation This video refutes Phelps’ optimal inflation theory.
230: Inflating Inflation II This video further disproves the Sargent-Wallace Inflation Theory.
215: Keynes’ Uncertainty This video turns Keynes’ uncertainty into certainty.
216: Keynes’ Hoarding This video disproves Keynes investment strategy.
217: Keynes’ OMC This video disproves Keynes open market operation theory.
004: Central Bank Not A Bank This video disproves central bank as commercial bank
218: Hicks’ IS-LM Denial This video reveals how Hicks overturned his own IS-LM theory.
005: Central Bank’s Deceptive Earning This video proves that central bank does not earn anything
006: The Unbalanced Balanced Sheet This video reveals that the balance sheet of central bank is never balanced.

4. Devastation

219: Detrimental Monetary Policy This video disproves Keynes monetary policy theory.
220: Money & Famine This video shows how monetary expansion creates famine.
009: Krugman’s Medieval Theory of Bubbles When economists cannot explain some real life observations, they pray for something supernatural.
010: Krugman’s Half-Baked Model This video completes Krugman’s currency crisis theory.
011: 1929 This video explains the cause of the 1929 crisis.
012: The Bretton Fools This video proves that the Bretton Woods system was designed by some fools.
079: MBS This video reveals the sub-prime crisis caused by MBS.

5. Voluntary Tax

047: Just Taxation I This video proves that marginal utility of cost is increasing, the reverse of the diminishing law of marginal utility.
048: Just Taxation II This video shows that Musgrave’s demand curve for public good lies below the zero-cost line.
050: Just Taxation IV To add two parts together to obtain the designated sum is accidental. This video shows how Clark has cheated us to obtain that sum.
049: Just Taxation III It is purely accidental for three lines to intersect at one point. This video shows how Clark has cheated us to obtain that point.
061: Auction Voting I This video shows that VL Smith’s forced price theory is Nash unsolved bargaining problem.
062: Auction Voting II This video shows how VL Smith destroys his own perfect pricing theory.
146: Club House This video proves that Buchanan’s club house theory is contradictory.

6. The Paradox of Big

254: Barber Paradox This video describes the Barber’s paradox.
255: Russell’s Paradox This video describes how Russell disproved the Set theory.
253: ADAS This video refutes the ADAS model.