15. M & B

Central Bank
006: The Unbalanced Balanced Sheet This video reveals that the balance sheet of central bank is never balanced.
005: Central Bank’s Deceptive Earning This video proves that central bank does not earn anything
004: Central Bank Not A Bank This video disproves central bank as commercial bank
233: Seigniorage III This video proves that optimal printing of money has no limit.
234: Seigniorage IV This video proves that printing money is more detrimental than taxation.
009: Krugman’s Medieval Theory of Bubbles When economists cannot explain some real life observations, they pray for something supernatural.
010: Krugman’s Half-Baked Model This video completes Krugman’s currency crisis theory.
011: 1929 This video explains the cause of the 1929 crisis.
012: The Bretton Fools This video proves that the Bretton Woods system was designed by some fools.
079: MBS This video reveals the sub-prime crisis caused by MBS.
215: Keynes’ Uncertainty

This video turns Keynes’ uncertainty into certainty.

216: Keynes’ Hoarding

This video disproves Keynes investment strategy.

217: Keynes’ OMC

This video disproves Keynes open market operation theory.

211: Keynes’ Consumption This video disproves Keynes consumption theory.
201: GDP IV This video proves that GDP assumes 3 zeros.
202: GDP V This video proves that GDP consists of both spending and income.
218: Hicks’ IS-LM Denial

This video reveals how Hicks overturned his own IS-LM theory.

Stock Market
289: IPO This video illustrates the rise of share price due to higher earning.
290: IPO II This video illustrates how a firm issues new shares during IPO.
291: IPO III This video proves that IPO proceeds must go to existing shareholders only.
266: Corporate Finance I

This video reproduces the MM theorem of corporate finance.

267: Corporate Finance II This video disproves the MM theorem.
268: Corporate Finance III This video reproduces the second MM theorem.
269: Corporate Finance IV This video disproves the second MM theorem.
270: Corporate Finance V This video shows how borrowing can increase yield rate.
271: Corporate Finance VI This video disproves the investment theory by Myers and Majluf.
272: Corporate Finance VII This video disproves the second MM theorem by optimal borrowing.
273: Marginal Yield This video introduces a new concept called marginal yield.
274: MM Theorem This video proves that lower debt may increase a firm’s market value.
275: Bankruptcy This video disproves the MM theorem on Bankruptcy.
276: MM Theorem II This video reproduces and disproves the MM theorem.
023: Forex Market V This video proves that depreciation boots colonial export.