19. Micro


046: Consumer’s Surplus This video shows measures surplus correctly.
335: Dupuit I This video shows that Dupuit’s demand measures only the change of quantity.
336: Dupuit II This video shows how Dupuit fabricates number to fit his wrong demand.
337: Dupuit III This video proves that Dupuit’s toll revenue is the result of multiple duplications.
338: Consumer’s Surplus I This video turns marginal utility to a demand behaviour.
339: Consumer’s Surplus II This video shows that lower cost raises profit.
340: Consumer’s Surplus III This video introduces a more significant measure of consumer’s surplus.
341: Consumer’s Surplus IV This video introduces a new accounting scheme for CBA.
342: Consumer’s Surplus V This video redefines deadweight loss due to monopoly.
343: Consumer’s Surplus VI This video condemns raising toll for resource reallocation reason.


002: A Perfect Production Function This video reproduces Solow’s perfect production function.
001: The Inconsistent Theory of the Firm This video works out the inconsistency problem of the neoclassical production theory.
140: Stupid Labor Theory This video shows that Ricardo’s labor theory is both stupid and fatal.
137: U Production This video proves that the u-production model is a broken theory.
285: Scale This video rediscovers the scale variable.
286: Scale II This video proves that even scale must reach an equilibrium.


348: Marginalism I

This video disproves marginal utility being demand.

349: Marginalism II This video disproves marginal product being demand.
350: Marginalism III This video disproves marginal cost being supply.
351: Marginalism IV This video disproves monopoly demand and its marginal revenue.
352: Marginalism V This video proves that higher net marginal product means lower profit.
353: Marginalism VI This video proves that lower net marginal cost means lower profit.
354: Marginalism VII This video rejects marginal product in favour of cost demand.
355: Marginalism VIII This video rejects marginal cost in favour of price supply.
356: Marginalism IX This video disproves the existence of monopoly demand.
357: Marginalism X This video shows how Becker tried to add two marginal conditions together.
358: Marginalism XI This video distinguishes total differentiation from sum of partial differentiations.
359: Marginalism XII This video shows the inconsistency of Becker’s mathematics.
360: Consistent Calculus This video shows how to make marginal conditions consistent.

Final Blow to Utility

293: Law of Demand

This video shows how utility kills the law of demand.

294: Law of Supply This video shows how utility kills the law of supply.
132: Expected Utility This video reviews the expected utility theory initiated by von Neumann and Morgenstern.
139: Smith’s Objection to Utility This video shows how Adam Smith rejected the utility theory.


122: Monopoly I This video reproduces Stigler’s proof that monopoly loss is miserably small.
100: Cournot Competition I This video proves that Cournot competition ends up with part of the market wasted.
331: Regulating Monopoly I This video shows how powerless Baron and Myerson’s regulator is.
332: Regulating Monppoly II This video describes what marginal cost pricing is.
333: Regulating Monopoly III This video proves that MC pricing is futile.
334: Regulating Monopoly IV This video proves that the Baron and Myerson regulator is a abettor to robbery.

Money & Crime

289: IPO This video illustrates the rise of share price due to higher earning.
290: IPO II This video illustrates how a firm issues new shares during IPO.
291: IPO III This video proves that IPO proceeds must go to existing shareholders only.
297: Crime II This video reproduces Becker’s optimal crime theory.
298: Crime III This video shows how government can benefit from crimes.