21. Liars


012: The Bretton Fools This video proves that the Bretton Woods system was designed by some fools.
217: Keynes’ OMC This video disproves Keynes open market operation theory.
006: The Unbalanced Balanced Sheet This video reveals that the balance sheet of central bank is never balanced.
234: Seigniorage IV This video proves that printing money is more detrimental than taxation.
216: Keynes’ Hoarding This video disproves Keynes investment strategy.
211: Keynes’ Consumption This video disproves Keynes consumption theory.
218: Hicks’ IS-LM Denial This video reveals how Hicks overturned his own IS-LM theory


002: A Perfect Production Function This video reproduces Solow’s perfect production function.
174: Solow III This video shows how Solow has destroyed his own growth theory.

Chamberlin & Robinson

288: U Production III This video disproves the u-production model.
349: Marginalism II This video disproves marginal product being demand.
350: Marginalism III This video disproves marginal cost being supply.
114: Stackelberg Competition I This video reduces the Cournot competition to a Stackelberg one.
089: Location Choice VII This video proves that, contrary to traditional wisdom, a monopolist faces a more elastic demand curve.


034: Ricardo’s Miserable Gain This video proves that Ricardo’s gain from comparative advantage is miserably small.
035: Comparative Disadvantage This video proves that Ricardo’s trade theory implies comparative disadvantage.
068: Rent I


This video disproves Ricardo’s rent theory by invoking “monopoly has no supply".
140: Stupid Labor Theory This video shows that Ricardo’s labor theory is both stupid and fatal.

Marshall & Lerner

256: Tariff III This video disproves Kahn’s tariff theory.
025: Forex Market VII This video disproves the Marshall-Lerner condition.


221: Optimal Taxation This video refutes Ramsey’s optimal taxation theory.
295: Optimal Taxation II This video rejects Mirrlees’ optimal taxation theory.
141: Stupid Tax Theory This video shows that Pigou’s tax theory is extremely stupid.
138: Knight’s Stupid Toll Theory This video proves that Knight’s toll theory is a stupid measure.
142: Wrong Supply I This video rejects Knight’s traffic supply curve.


017: Nash Bargaining II This video proves that Nash’s exchange does not result in his Pareto Optimum.
132: Expected Utility This video reviews the expected utility theory initiated by von Neumann and Morgenstern.


297: Crime II This video reproduces Becker’s optimal crime theory.
298: Crime III This video shows how government can benefit from crimes.
299: Crime IV This video proves that Becker’s optimal punishment must be zero.
365: In House Training V This video disproves Becker’s total differentiation.
147: Punishment Marginal Cost This video proves that punishment does not eliminate or reduce pollution.


167: Ramsey III This video reveals how Ramsey tried to solve the puzzle of growth, unsuccessfully.
170: Ramsey VI This video shows that Ramsey’s interest rate can be very erratic.


291: IPO III This video proves that IPO proceeds must go to existing shareholders only.


197: Samuelson’s Ponzi Scheme This video proves that Samuelson’s retirement theory is a Ponzi scheme.
283: Re-re-switching This video proves that re-switching is a manipulation.


335: Dupuit I This video shows that Dupuit’s demand measures only the change of quantity.
336: Dupuit II This video shows how Dupuit fabricates number to fit his wrong demand.
337: Dupuit III This video proves that Dupuit’s toll revenue is the result of multiple duplications.


373: Matching This video shows how Mortensen and Pissarides have completed a tautological cycle.
325: Shavell III This video discloses a blatant lie by Shavell.