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322: Choi’s ID

This video illustrates Hak Choi’s version of the Invalid Dichotomy problem.    

001: The Inconsistent Theory of the Firm This video works out the inconsistency problem of the neoclassical production theory.
002: A Perfect Production Function This video reproduces Solow’s perfect production function.
040: Walras’ Puzzle This video shows how Walras could not derive from a negative demand curve a positive supply curve.
139: Smith’s Objection to Utility This video shows how Adam Smith rejected the utility theory.
235: Singular Indifference Curve II This video defines singular indifference curve.
019: Forex Market I This video disproves the traditional forex market theory for imports and exports belong to two markets.
012: The Bretton Fools This video proves that the Bretton Woods system was designed by some fools.
006: The Unbalanced Balanced Sheet

This video reveals that the balance sheet of central bank is never balanced.

221: Optimal Taxation This video refutes Ramsey’s optimal taxation theory.
267: Corporate Finance

This video disproves the MM theorem

068: Rent I This video disproves Ricardo’s rent theory by invoking “monopoly has no supply".

298: Crime III

This video shows how government can benefit from crimes.
283: Re-re-switching

This video proves that re-switching is a manipulation.

223: Ricardian Equivalence  This video refutes Ricardian Equivalence.

017: Nash Bargaining II
This video proves that Nash’s exchange does not result in his Pareto Optimum.
045: HP Filter This video shows how Hodrick and Prescott have switched the bag to perform a magical trick.
254: Barber Paradox This video describes the Barber’s paradox.
253: ADAS This video refutes the ADAS model.
042: Real Business Cycle This video shows the trick by Kydland-Prescott to make business cycle look real.
043: DSGE I This video explains what DSGE are.
197: Samuelson’s Ponzi Scheme This video proves that Samuelson’s retirement theory is a Ponzi scheme.